Muvizu 0.18

Set scenes and create animation clips on your PC

Use built-in assets and set a scene for your animation clip. Upload your pictures and videos, apply 3D human models and add weather effects. Place and control your cameras while shooting, manage camera angles, lightning and mists, and customize the parts of the scene you want to animate.

Muvizu 3D has thousands of blocks and props to scale and customise. Upload your images and video to incorporate into the scene.
Add cool visual and weather effects, then place your cameras and control their movement during shooting.

Lighting that breaks the limits. Muvizu gives you lights you can customise to do anything from flicker to project live video from your working set.

Tweak it in the timeline. Get granular with timing by fine-tuning, or even making wholesale changes to, any audio or visual event in your production.


- 2.4GHz processor
- Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card
- 2.3GB free drive space

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